Rise up for a #FreeThemAllFridays march and direct action to fight against all those who uphold and enable ICE’s deportation machine and police violence. We demand freedom for all people suffering in detention centers and prisons during this pandemic.

The government continues to send police and ICE to terrorize Black and Brown communities and lock people into cages. Detained and incarcerated people are getting COVID-19 at a higher rate and dying by the hundreds. Meanwhile, elected officials refuse to defund the police and ICE or invest in education, healthcare, housing, and worker protection.


We say enough is enough. It is time to rise up.

Chinga La Migra. Black Lives Matter. Black Immigrant Lives Matter. La migra, la policía, la misma porquería!

No one is free until everyone is free.



 October 2nd. 4 PM.


1. #FreeThemAll by using emergency powers to order the release of all ICE detainees and incarcerated people locked up in New York State to safeguard human life and public health.

2. #DefundThePolice, and remove them from schools, emergency rooms, subways, and mental health crisis response. Withdraw state funding for all police departments across New York State. Tear up police contracts with state agencies, including social services and care services.

3. Establish an immediate emergency relief fund for the undocumented community who are suffering from loss of jobs and income, left out of federal/state relief, and cannot qualify for unemployment benefits.

4. #CancelRent during COVID-19, don’t just defer evictions until later. Many New Yorkers, especially undocumented people, are struggling to pay rent due to the effects of this pandemic and will be in danger of losing their housing.

5. #ProtectAllWorkers. Immigrant workers and all workers need proper PPE, hazard pay, and paid sick leave. Immigrant workers are #EssentialNotDisposable. Don’t allow schools to reopen in unsafe conditions, putting teachers, students, and their families at risk. Don’t use police to harass sex workers, and stop arresting people for #WalkingWhileTrans.

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Movimiento Cosecha is a non-violent movement fighting for permanent protection, dignity, and respect for the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States.


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What is Nonviolent Direct Action?


Nonviolent direct action (often known as civil disobedience) is the purposeful and public defiance of the law to motivate political or social change.

Does Nonviolent Direct Action Work?


Yes! More than writing letters, marching, or texting your friends. NVDA has a rich history of making real political change. You can read more about that here

Can I still be involved if I don't want to be arrested?

Yes! We need jail support, police liaisons, art, media outreach, and more. Sign up below to help out in whatever way you can


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I'm in! How do I get involved in this action?

We need folks who can assume higher risk of arrest. Please text “ACTION” to 347-886-2986 on Signal if you are willing. We also need other support roles— please sign up at bit.ly/freethemalloct2

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